Hey there, fashionistas! Are you ready for a makeover for 80s look? An era that marked a start for multiple fashion items. The style was as bold as the music blaring from our boomboxes. If you are being invited to an 80s party and you’re confused about how to dress for 80s party, then you’re at the right place.

When you start thinking about how to dress for 80s party, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What are the minute details apart from the clothing that you should observe. Correct? So let’s come out of the nutshell and discover the best you can try and clear all doubt about how to dress for 80s party.

How to dress for 80s party: Top 5 things you can carry

1. Highlight your shoulders

How to dress for 80s party

Dominance was the highlighting point in the 80s era. You can call it an age of dominance and that’s what you need to consider while dressing up for or sharing ideas about “How to dress for 80s party” with your friends. Whether it is for men or women, shoulders should be highlighted. Sport shoulder pads did a great job. Blazers and Jackers have pads stitched into them to give the appearance of broader shoulders.

Aim to dazzle and shine in your 80s attire. Shy away from the mundane or the too-simple styles. Seize this opportunity to breathe the thrill and fun back into fashion.

2. Bulky Sweater

how to dress for 80s party

While the onset of the 80s saw a lean towards practicality and minimalism in style, the middle and latter half of the decade saw a swing towards more assertive fashion choices, including oversized sweaters and high-neck tops.

While deciding how to dress for 80s party, don’t forget to carry a bulky sweater to complete your look. Oversized turtleneck sweaters or pullovers can infuse any ensemble with an unmistakable vintage, 80s charm. These cozy pieces sit high on the neck and contribute to a powerful upper-body silhouette.

For those wishing to rock the 80s look without making your wallet weep, check out the most commendable, budget-friendly, and ethically-minded sweater brands.

3. Trench coat

While the initial years of the 80s were marked by a bent towards simplicity and functionality in fashion, the mid-to-end years of the decade witnessed an unmistakable turn towards more daring sartorial statements, including voluminous sweaters and polo necks. That’s the reason trench coat found its place in the list of how to dress for 80s party.

Vast, cowl-neck pullovers or sweaters instantly add a vintage, 80s touch to any ensemble. These snug clothing items sit snugly high on the neck and emphasize the upper body’s aesthetics.

To effortlessly embody the 80s vibe without straining your budget, explore the finest, pocket-friendly, and conscientious sweater labels.

4. High-waisted bottoms

You can’t complete your look without a high-waisted bottom. If you ask me how to dress for 80s part, a high-waisted bottom is a must. The early years of the 80s were characterized by a focus on functional and straightforward fashion. However, as the decade progressed, we saw a shift towards bolder style choices, including chunky sweaters and turtlenecks.

Oversized turtle-neck jumpers or sweaters can bestow any look with an undeniable hint of 80s nostalgia. These warm pieces, positioned high on the neck, serve to enhance the upper body’s impression.

If you aspire to capture the 80s flair without causing a dent in your finances, consider delving into some of the best value-for-money and ethically sound sweater brands.

5. Off Shoulder Tops

The off-shoulder top: a definitive trend that captured the essence of 80s fashion and must added style for “how to dress for 80s party”. The period saw a significant pivot from the restrained fashions of earlier years, with style lovers gravitating towards more audacious and provocative pieces. The off-shoulder top undoubtedly fits that bill.

These blouses, celebrated for their dramatic, broad necklines that exposed the shoulders, were not just about fashion but also an assertion of self-assurance. They defied traditional norms, allowing individuals to exhibit their personal fashion sense and femininity.

The 80s welcomed the off-shoulder trend, pairing these tops with anything from high-rise jeans to fluorescent leggings. They were frequently layered under oversized jackets or coupled with mini skirts. Icons like Madonna brought this trend to the fore, turning it into more than a fashion fad but a reflection of the era’s spirited and nonconformist attitude.

How to complete the 80s look?

  1. Accessorize Like There’s No Tomorrow
    Wondering how to dress for 80s party and have no idea about accessories? Let’s discuss it. Chunky jewelry, layered necklaces, and oversized hoop earrings? Yes, please! And don’t forget those fingerless lace gloves a la Madonna. Accessories were a big part of the ’80s look, so don’t hold back.
  2. Bad Hair Day? Not a Problem!
    In the ’80s, bigger was better when it came to hair. If you can, tease your locks to reach the heavens or rock a side ponytail. And gentlemen, if you’ve got a mullet or can fake one, now’s your time to shine. You can be the best person and even share your tips with everybody confused about how to dress for 80s party. You can also check out how to do 80s hair for a deeper knowledge.
  3. Footwear Fundamentals
    High-top sneakers, especially those in vibrant colors or with unique patterns, were all the rage. For a more glamorous touch, ladies can opt for stiletto heels – just be sure they scream ’80s. Check out What shoes were popular in the 80s.
  4. Shoulder Pads & Oversized Blazers
    Nothing screams ’80s like the silhouette of broad shoulders. If you can snag a blazer or jacket with shoulder pads, you’re golden. Remember, it was all about making a statement, so even if it feels a tad too big, you’re on the right track.
  5. Patterns & Prints
    From leopard print to geometric shapes, patterns played a massive role in ‘teenager 80s fashion‘. Mix and match with confidence – the ’80s were about standing out and not blending in.
  6. Finishing Touch: Makeup and Fragrance
    Ladies, opt for bold eye shadows and lip colors. Think blue or green eyeshadows and bright pink or coral lips. As for perfume, pick something memorable and a touch overpowering – it was the scent of the times, after all.


Whether you’re dressing for an 80s-themed gathering or simply introducing it into your everyday style, the off-shoulder top is a fantastic way to honor this pivotal and influential fashion decade. If anybody will ask you how to dress for 80s party, an off-shoulder top with high-waisted jeans will come up as a good pair. The key is to style it with aplomb, as that is the true spirit of the 80s!

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