There’s nothing uncommon with celebrity divorces. If you keep a tab on the internet, every other day, you’d come across the news of some celebrity divorce. However, not every celebrity divorce is easy to handle. In fact, some of them come up as a great shock. One such celebrity divorce shock was that of Beth Shuey and Sean Payton. They were often considered to be so in love that no one had ever expected that the two would separate.

But alas! The celebrity couple broke up after two decades of being together. But, today In this article by bloggingwithkhushboo, we won’t be discussing their marriage but about Beth Shuey. 

Beth Shuey Wiki, Bio, Networth, Instagram

Who is Beth Shuey?

Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of famous football coach Sean Payton. Beth got into the limelight after being married to Sean Payton. Sean Payton is famous among the football community for being the head coach of the New Orleans Saints for the National Football League from 2006 to 2011. Beth Shuey got married to Sean Payton in 1992 and divorced after two decades. 

She was born in Morocco, Indiana, United States in 1968 to Thomas Milton Shuey and Joyce Antcliff Shuey. Her sibling is Debbie Shuey Doyle. She did her high school at North Newton Junior Senior High School. After completing her high school degree, she joined a Bachelor’s degree in marketing at Indiana State University. Her business degree has led her to establish herself as a strong businesswoman in today’s time. 

Beth Shuey Net Worth

Not a lot of information is available on the internet regarding Beth Shuey’s net worth. Despite being a strong business figure, not a lot of information is revealed about her net worth. Although she is the ex-wife of one of the most successful football coaches of all time, information regarding their divorce isn’t known either. 

According to some insider information, Beth Shuey’s net worth is supposed to be around $1.5-2 million. Beth Shuey’s net worth can be attributed to the heavy settlement she got after the divorce. After divorcing Sean Payton, Beth got to keep the Texas home whose current value is around $3-4 million. 

Beth Shuey Physical Features

  • Height- 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight- 68 kg
  • Hair color- Dark brown 
  • Eye color- Brown 

Beth Shuey Social Media

Beth Shuey isn’t at all active on social media, and this is quite evident. Although she does have Facebook and Instagram, there aren’t a lot of followers. Beth Shuey continues to remain away from the public eye, even if it is via her Instagram stories. However, you can find her active on X, formerly Twitter. 

Beth Shuey Marriage

Beth Shuey was married to Sean Payton, but it did not have a happy ending as it ended in divorce. Payton and Shuey dated during their university days, as they both met at Indiana State University where they were studying. The couple dated before getting married on July 11, 1992. 

However, Shuey moved on and soon found love in realtor, Jamie McGuire. McGuire specializes in golf course community homes. After the divorce with Payton, Shuey remarried McGuire in September 2020. Shuey and McGuire’s marriage was a very private ceremony with only close friends and family members taking part in it. 

Beth Shuey Children

There’s no information about Beth’s kids from her marriage with McGuire. However, she does have children from her marriage with Payton. Payton and Shuey have a son and a daughter. The daughter, Meghan Payton, was born in 1997. Their son, Connor Payton, was born in 2000. 

Beth Shuey Wiki, Bio, Networth, Instagram


There isn’t enough information available on the internet regarding the personal and professional life of Beth Shuey. Although she’s slightly active on social media, after her divorce from Sean Payton, there hasn’t been much news around her. After being remarried, it seems that Beth is pretty much happy and moved on. If you want to dive deeper into the lives of Beth Shuey, you should consider following her on X, because you can’t do so on Instagram, as she has a private profile. 

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